July 1st, 2016


Meme: Things I learnt in June

In 1914 Paris became a World War I battleground. To protect shoppers during a potential German air raid, shopkeepers applied a sticky tape to display windows which would prevent the glass from shattering dangerously in all directions. For the remainder of the war, Parisian shopfronts competed for the most artistic use of anti-bombardment tape in their window designs. Some lovely and really creative pictures can be found here: Windows of war - how parisians prepared for attack
(Btw. we also have the siren going off. A lot of these had been dismantled after the fall of Eastern Germany - they were there to warn us about an attack from the West, you see. I've always said to attack on Wednesdays on 1 PM would be the perfect cover! But in recent years many got re-installed as it was found out they need a warning system against floods)

The same page then told me I'd also be interested in France built a Replica of Paris in WWI A fake city complete with train and lights for the Germans to bomb. Brilliant! (and I'm saying that as a German) Let's all create fake cities so that those that feel the need to drop a bomb once in a while have a playground!

Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day!

Here are some things I bought in Canada on my trips to Vancouver in 2008 and 2010:

Wooden moose coasters, a totem pole, a bottle of maple sirup, two moose, one in mountie uniform, the other in yellow rain gear and a bag for the passport. I also got a suitcase tag with the skyline of Vancouver but it broke and I am not sure where I put it at the moment. Wish I could get a new one.

To the Vancouver basecap belongs also a hoodie. And finally the beaver on skis ;) I had seen that the first time and my brother wanted it, so I hunted for it the second time.

In 2008 I also got a rain jacket at the Capilano Bridge Park, but it has a German label so it doesn't really count ;) I still wear it to this day.

I really should put up some Vancouver pictures!

 photo DSC03487 600 x 400.jpg

 photo P8210092.jpg

 photo Skispaszlig02.jpg

 photo DSC04065 600 x 400.jpg