July 20th, 2016


Recommendation: Two White Collar fics where TV and reality mix with each other

I am cleaning my inbox (some of you may have wondering why I am commenting on months or years old stuff) and just found this recommendation again that I sent to analineblue a long time ago. In November 2014 to be precise. Wonder if you ever read it? ;)

So I'll be able to delete this message, I'll keep the links in here now. And maybe someone else may be interested as well.

I really love such clever fics.

In the first, Neal wakes up in his apartment but suddenly it is only a film set and everyone thinks he is this actor Matt Bomer and he has to get adjusted to this role.


And the second is the other way around, Tim gets a bang to his head on set and wakes up in White Collar land – and Neal actually recognizes that this is not “his” Peter and tries to teach him everything he needs to know as a “real” FBI agent.


Have fun!