January 6th, 2017


Picspam: Dresden, Großer Garten

Yesterday we got our first snow of the winter. I did not want to take the same pictures like last year (of my street and the little park where I work), you can see them here if you like: http://dieastra.livejournal.com/187916.html

We usually don't get snow for very long in Dresden so deep down in the valley, so it is always exciting for children. After work I did a quick walk in our big park in the city center.

The ducks and swans have only a small piece of lake left to swim in:

 photo DSC05596.jpg

I was looking whether it was safe already to get the skates out, but maybe better not:

 photo DSC05605.jpg

The building at the other side is a little restaurant / café called "Carolaschlößchen" (the lake is called Carolasee, named after our last queen)

 photo DSC05607.jpg