January 15th, 2017


Sean Pertwee is a very fine actor (quote from an interview I watched yesterday but I so agree)

I want a butler like Alfred. Not only does he cook and clean after you, he also protects you with his serious fighting skills! I mean, look at this: Fight Clip 1

Or this: Fight Clip 2

Or this, my very favorite and also the first one I saw. It combines serious drama with a little humor, when Alfred uses this street fight to teach Bruce a lesson: Fight Clip 3

I seem to have fallen suddenly and hard into fangirling now. Oh boy. I mean you know it has hit you hard when you start checking out youtube clips at 2 AM. Friendslist, you have failed this fangirl! Why has nobody ever told me about the awesomeness of Sean Pertwee? How have I managed to avoid him completely so far? Two seperate eclipses around the sun, it seems.

I wonder how he has managed to escape "Doctor Who" so far. I thought it is every British actor's duty to appear there. I sure would know him then. But with him living in New York now it does not seem likely in the nearby future.

I have seen him briefly at the beginning of "The Five(ish) Doctors" together with Olivia Coleman, but he was just "The son of Jon Pertwee" for me then. Too short to do a proper impression. Although it's funny how things come full circle as he is talking about "a thing in the states I can't talk about" which surely is meant to be "Gotham".

I also remember now seeing him in "Equlibrium" a few months ago but it was only a cameo and he was only speaking from screens, and it was dubbed in German so I didn't hear his lovely voice (which you can hear in the third clip I linked above). But I do remember indeed being impressed with his presence even from those short scenes. I should have checked him out then already.

What is also funny, in "Gotham" in German TV he is dubbed by the same guy that did Jack O'Neill from "Stargate SG-1", another silver fox I adored. There certainly is something about guys above 50! *Swoon*
So there was already a familiarity about him. But I love the original voice, so deep and raspy. I wonder if he helps writing his dialogues, to get all the "Blimey" and "Oh dear" in? ;)

He is one of those actors that I always seem to fall for: Those that can convey so much with just a glance, with a look, without saying anything. Here is one example from him being intense and captivating in the British short series "Bodyguards" from 1996, seven episodes I look forward to watch completely:

 photo Unbenannt.jpg

See what I mean? As Alfred, he is also pushing all my buttons with trying to keep a straight and professional face, trying to act hard and detached, but failing every so often and the emotions come through. The scenes with him and Bruce are one of the best things of this series. They have great chemistry. Alfred is suddenly finding himself having to raise a child, so it is a struggle for him trying to find the right way.

Also I found this when looking yesterday. No idea where this is from but I'll sure find out LOL!

 photo Pertwee Sean 009a.jpg

There is also a picture of the souther regions. Don't worry, you can click on the link, there is no nekkidness. It's rather funny. Here you go: Link
kanarek13 is this the sock Matt keeps talking about? LMAO Also, Sean seems to channel Matt in that he dies in many of his roles. At least Alfred is safe as long as there is no Batman yet.

Anyway, not sure what this post wants to say other than to ask if there are Sean fangirls on my friends list and to tell you, I am with you now. And those that started to watch "Gotham" and then stopped, maybe you want to try again. And if you only skip to all the Alfred & Bruce scenes. They're worth it. Trust me. In any case, I am blown away and now have to add another guy to the list of guys I am already juggling. Sean, Vic, Tom, Karl, Bill, Matt, David, John...

Going for the casual nonchalant look:

 photo 2014NewYorkComicConDay4BcNteY4HozUl.jpg