January 22nd, 2017


Customizing Alfred from "Gotham" part 2

Yesterday I showed the beginning, today he got finished! I really love this look of Alfred with rolled up sleeves. He somehow looks more badass than in full formal suit. I also noticed that his tie is a bit more loose and the top button not closed ;)

Although looking at these pictures now, I guess I'll have to sand down the arms a bit more. They look quite lumpy, with the creases of the original suit sleeves still visible. Thing is, I can't make them too thin as the joints for the elbows and wrists need enough "meat" to not break.



The original hair was really awful. Too white at the bottom and too brown at the top, also thick brown eyebrows. I gave him his salt & pepper hair. Much better, innit? (<-- oh dear, now I even start to SOUND like Alfred...)