April 27th, 2017


Throwback Thursday: Figures from my childhood in Eastern Germany

Throwback Thursday: Some figures from my childhood in East Germany. The mechanic and fireman are similar to Playmobil, having hands that can grab accessories.

The others are just made from gum. A ship captain & a police man at the left, at the right a taylor (from the fairytale?) & a robber and the two guys in the middle are Moritz and Max from the Wilhelm Busch Max & Moritz comics. No idea if they are known outside of Germany: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Max_and_Moritz

With all those figures, I have no idea who the maker is, where are they from or if there are more, but I have known them all my childhood. I actually also had several of these mice, everyone called them Mickeymouse but at the time I had no idea why! That picture is from the net, not mine. No idea where mine are. I had white, yellow, brown and green.

hamsterwoman Are these the same mice we once talked about?

 photo DSC05478.jpg

 photo DSC05488.jpg

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