June 24th, 2017


More Sean Pertwee - Part 2 of Heroes and Villains Fan Fest, London, 2017

After my ordinary hug with Sean I got more bold and asked if he could flex his biceps for me. I even mirrored the pose to underline what I meant. Before I could finish my sentence he fell into it as if he never had done anything else in his life. I then asked if I could touch as well (I have done this pose with others at other cons before and it has become a trademark of mine. Look at John Barrowman and Vic Mignogna doing the same pose for me for comparison!

I love his face in it! So cute!
When I came with this picture to the autograph table, Sean looked at it and kept saying "I love this. I love this." He was totally gobsmacked. He probably still would stand there if I hadn't pushed on for more conversation. Guess not many have asked for unusual poses before! But I got out my customized Alfred action figure and then he really lit up. "Oh, it's you!" He had retweeted some of my pictures in the week before the con.

I showed the one where I recreated the scene with Alfred cooking breakfast for Jim and when he opened two eggs with both hands. I said that I loved that and that I had heard he could cook. And he said that yeah he had started in McDonalds and ended up as a sous chef. I also mentioned the cooking scene in "Leon the pig farmer" but I'm not sure if he heard me.

03 Sean

This is what I had most looked forward to. I warned Sean on Saturday at the autograph table that the next day I would bring an apron and if that was okay. He had no objections. When I came into the room, I already wore my apron and held his out to him. His eyes literally lit up: "Oh, is that for me?" Like a little boy at Christmas LOL He put it over his head but then fumbled a bit with the strings at the back so I went and tied the bow, as they were very thin.
I then tried to tell him which pose I wanted but he was way ahead of me and already standing like this. Sadly somehow while fumbling at his backside I must have bent down and without realizing my own apron rode up a bit so looks a bit funny at the top.

After the picture he tried to take it off but chose the wrong end and then it was stuck and knotted. So I got to fumble around his backside a bit more, embarrassed. I did not really enjoy it ;) Finally I had it off. I know some of you are a bit jealous now *teasing*

At the autograph table I asked if he could write anything in German, if he spoke German but he said no. So he came up with the "A cup of tea, miss?" and I love it as I totally can hear it in his Alfred voice! You too?

07 Sean