July 8th, 2017


Comic Con Germany, Stuttgart, Juli 2017

The only reason to go to this convention was John Barrowman. I did either not know or not care for the others that were there. And I did in general not care for all the comics and comic artists and professional cosplayers. But John alone and his panels were worth the weekend (and some other guy that I will show you yet).

First day I asked for a "nice prom photo" and then John took over. "Stand to the side, put your hand here, put your other hand there..."


Next day I was back in my jeans ;) I had seen this pose at a convention a few years back and it was still missing from my collection. Cheeky ;)


And then we realized that with all our hugs and bum-up-front pictures we actually have none that shows the awesome Dalek Pride shirt John wore. So we went back into line to buy one more picture. My friend was before me and explained what she wanted, and when it was my turn John just asked: "Same?" and I answered: "Same." That's all it took. We are getting very professional there ;)