November 22nd, 2017


My embarrassing thumb story with Sean Pertwee

Yesterday it got announced that Sean will be back to HVFF London next year, and I already have tickets, yay!

To celebrate these news, here is a story from last May which I have never told as it is a bit embarrassing ;) At HVFF, you also can get "selfies" with the stars at the table (taken by a person for you with your camera/phone). When it was my turn, I told Sean that I want the "thumb in pocket" pose, as I loved this so much. For a long while he did not react (I was later told that he shared a very bemused look with my friend over my head that I didn't get to see) and then he said "At first I thought you knew what that meant."

Turned out, nobody had told me how to pronounce "thumb" properly - that you are not supposed to speak the b at the end. In my pronunciation it sounded more like p and now you can imagine that I made a very improper suggestion. But me being German and clearly innocent saved me - phew!

Next time I'll make sure to let him know that I know how to pronounce "thumb" now!



Star Trek figures: Kirk in sickbay

Just some more sickbay pictures, inspired by that one scene in the episode "Journey to Babel".




And here some funny comments from Facebook:

Kat Fury: "He's 1:6 scale Spock. We all are, we shrank. I don't know how, I'm a doctor not a quantum physicist damn it!"

Pat Fallohide Dunn: "Those elbows are looking a bit arthritic Captain"