December 16th, 2018


Art: Christmas Tree

My first time of acrylic painting! I finally did something with the paints I bought ages ago! This picture is a bit naive but it was mainly done to learn different techniques how to apply the paint.

For the background I mixed light and dark blue with black, scooped it up with the brush and drew straight lines, letting the colors mingle. The snow in the foreground was dotted on. I wanted to spray the stars but it didn't work as intended. The trees in the background are done with a dry brush.

For the big tree I put green, black and white right onto the paper and then mixed it on there. I loved that effect.
I guess what I really need to learn is when to leave a painting well alone and declare it done. It's very easy to overdo. I probably shouldn't have added the lights but it was the image I had in my head so it had to be done.

Anyway, I had a very relaxing morning.