October 3rd, 2020


Star Trek: Stranded, part 1/3

So this all happened after I had taken these pictures of Janeway and Chakotay sailing:


And then, when I wanted to clean my table and put the things away, I realized Chakotay would have to row if there is no wind. I'm always getting distracted like this, and my kitchen still looks like a mess.
Row row row your boat...


Oh no, he lost an oar!


And while trying to fish it out, he lost the other one as well! What will they do now? No wind for sailing, no oars for rowing, they're lost!

"I guess you'll have to jump in," Kathryn said.

"Is that an order?"

"No, but I don't see any other way."

Chakotay gave her one of his imperceptible nods and in he went, uniform and all.


Kathryn grabbed the life ring.

"Here, let me help you!"

"Kathryn, noooo!"

But there was nothing Chakotay could do. Just watch in horror as Kathryn fell into the water.


And a wind came, blew up a sail and the boat went off without them.


To be continued in Stranded, part 2