May 19th, 2021


Customizing: Biobed and Seska

The jacket wasn't the only crafting I did that weekend.

I customized the Triple Fiction Productions biobed.
I didn't really like the brown cover and for a long time searched for a fitting grey mesh. This still is not perfect but will do. It is a rubberband used for skirts.
I also made pillows. They have the round and sometimes also a triangle pillow. I cut out the forms from styrofoam. This seemed like a good idea but then it melted due to the glue - oops! ;) Remember to always use acid free glue.


I also noticed that the Seska figure does not have exactly the colors that she has on TV, especially the fur bits on her shoulders were painted lilac instead of grey. So I have tried to give her some proper colors. It's not easy to mix the right tone, I think the red on the arms is still not right but then the lighting in that scene is also odd.