September 2nd, 2021


Rick Grimes ("The Walking Dead")

alumfelga Guess what? I really did buy the sheriff! I have way too much money in my account, no conventions, no travelling, no hotels/flights/autographs/photographs to pay for. Money needs to work!

I bought Rick Grimes from "The Walking Dead". ThreeZero doing some good work lately. I don't even watch the show, I'm not into Zombies at all and was surprised it is still going in its 11th season.

I just love a man in an uniform, and a sheriff especially! What can I say. Look at the pictures and you will agree with me.

ThreeZero also did the Mulder and Scully figures from X-files, I guess they will meet this sheriff and he will tell them about strange things happening in his town!

Pictures by Toyark, my place to always find out about new figures!

And in case you also need a sheriff in your life, go here for ordering one: