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Picspam: Archeology Park in Xanten

Just some pictures of my trip to Xanten - for hamsterwoman so she can show the Hamsterhubby what it looks like. I must confess I am usually not into historical things but I loved this park! For decades they have been excavating and reconstructing things the Romans built thousands of years ago. Makes you feel quite small and insignificant!

I've showed some pictures with the Doctor having fun here: The Doctor in Roman times

More info about the park can be found here:

And now click the LJ cut for the pics!

 photo P1300225.jpg

The gladiators may not always be there. I think it was a special school holiday. They had all kind of special stuff for kids - making their own sandals for example.

 photo P1010125.jpg

 photo P1010127.jpg

There were also lady gladiators:

 photo P1300238.jpg

 photo P1300244.jpg

 photo P1300247.jpg

I even have a video for you:

I loved this!

 photo P1300256.jpg

 photo P1010135.jpg

Me and the Doctor exploring the sewer:

 photo P1010142.jpg

 photo P1300300.jpg

I am Arrow!

 photo P1010148.jpg

 photo P8250032.jpg

This one was closed off / still reconstructed, but you could go down to the basement, where it was explained how they had put long wood post into the ground to make it stable. Pretty much what I do in my line of work also, only with concrete.

 photo P1300319.jpg

 photo P1010160.jpg

I never can resist a good construction drawing!

 photo P1300325.jpg

Things we ate in the Roman Tavern - I didn't write down what it particularly was but it was stated it was all things that had been around at the time:

 photo P1300317.jpg

 photo P1300315.jpg

 photo P1300314.jpg

The last one was something sweet, we shared it through three as dessert. Only thought about taking a picture when it was half empty already:

 photo P1300318.jpg

I also quite enjoyed this model - wish I could have put my figures into it but it was behind glass:

 photo P1300338.jpg

 photo P1300339.jpg

This is the old thermal bath building. They put up the red beams so you get an idea how huge it once was:

 photo P1010161.jpg

This was the cold water bassin, where you would go in after your bath:

 photo P1300340.jpg

At the left side, you can clearly see where the tiles had been:

 photo P1300341.jpg

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is the underfloor heating system:

 photo P1300342.jpg

 photo P1300348.jpg

Lots of arrowheads!

 photo P1300349.jpg

A layout of the park - you can see that there are still lots of empty places they haven't even touched yet:

 photo P1010123.jpg
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