Antje (dieastra) wrote,

Hauls: Wrestling accessories and a new woman

A while ago I already got some Wrestling accessories which can be seen here
That had mostly been garbage bins, a wrench, an old sink - whatever stuff is useful to hurt each other.

But I recently got into a shopping spree as there is so much more neat stuff out there which I am sure will come in handy! Who knew that Wrestling figures had all kind of cool accessories? I got the first batch today. Plus a new woman, who is Mary Jane Watson from one of the Spider Man movies (I've lost count of how many are out there?)

Sadly she is an odd size at 5,75" - too big for one Captain but too small for the other. But looks really awesome and I'll surely find a way to work around it.

 photo Baustelle 600 x 290.jpg

 photo The Captains women 600 x 348.jpg
Tags: action figures - doctor who, action figures - star trek, action figures - torchwood, hauls

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