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Hauls: More Wrestling stuff

I'm allowed to spam in my own journal when I'm excited right? More Wrestling stuff has arrived. It keeps getting better and better! Hospital bed, radio (with sound), wet floor bucket and mop, tire, crates, tool box, briefcase with files in it, mobile phone, assortment of hats. See it in more details in the single pictures behind the cut:

 photo DSC01847_1.jpg

When I opened the dynamite crate, one stick fell out:

 photo DSC01849.jpg

 photo DSC01859.jpg

The tool box can also be opened:

 photo DSC01861.jpg

You can't take out the tools though:

 photo DSC01871.jpg

Here is it in comparison with the other tool boxes I have - the green one is a pen sharpener:

 photo DSC01872.jpg

Wonder if the Eleventh Doctor had use for this? LOL

 photo DSC01895.jpg

I already had the left suitcase, and now got the right briefcase:

 photo DSC01884.jpg

Both can be opened and have things in side - so cute ;) And I got a mobile phone with it as well:

 photo DSC01888.jpg

Not sure what to do with some of these hats, especially the ones in the background, but I thought one always can use a proper hat. Mostly I got it for the hard hat though, for Ianto. And if I ever get a Moriarty for my Sherlock, he may enjoy the crown?

 photo DSC01903.jpg

The radio is supposed to have a sound effect, I need to put batteries inside to test it:

 photo DSC01854.jpg

 photo DSC01844.jpg

 photo DSC01856.jpg

 photo DSC01841.jpg
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