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MTM report - Opening ceremony - Friday, August 6th 2010 -

Previously - Part 4: Dan Shea, Barry Campbell and Paul Brown at our table

Part 5: Friday, August 6th 2010, morning

Before the convention officially started, we went into the Legends merchandise room and had a look around. I fell in love with this bag and bought it:

And Richard Dean Anderson was sitting at a table and personally stitched in his autograph:

Kidding! I’m kidding! LOL

Opening Ceremony

At 9.00 AM there should be the opening ceremony. But before it could start, Becky from GABIT entered the stage and told us again how to behave.

No hugging the guests, please! No smoking inside the room, mobile phones switched off, and don’t cross the “Line of doom” which was duct tape around all the technical equipment like cameras. If you had crossed those lines, it would have interfered with the working of said technical things.

Picture by Su:

Her speech also included doing the “dance” like a stewardess in a plane, showing the emergency exits and such. Plus she explained the different colors of the volunteer shirts – we shoud not ask the tech guys any questions, as they would not know. We also watched a video with many nice RDA scenes from both “Stargate” and “MacGyver”, and some certain scenes got some very loud applause. Usually when he looked wet ;)

The empty stage was decorated with two pictures.

picture by Penjab

picture by Penjab

Then Rick came into the room and the crowd went wild. He wore a black Sea Shepherd shirt, a black jacket, a green ball cap and blue jeans.

picture by Penjab

If you want to see some really awesome pictures made by Paya, then please go to these posts in the RDA forum where she posted them. It is well worth following the links, trust me! She has a very good camera and also talent.

Rick said: “Welcome to the 1st? 2nd?...” Everyone yelled: “First!” and he answered: “I have been here before! Anyway, 1st annual Meet A Man”. He did not like the “THE” in “Meet the man”, considers himself only “A” man, not “THE” man. We all were glad to hear this early into the weekend that he considers the whole thing annual! Hope GABIT heard it as well!

Sure enough, there also was ONTLL, yelling: “Thank you for the jeans!” LOL He waved it off and showed us his “saggy backside” to prove it is not worth yelling about. I am sure some girls beg to differ ;)

Then he was standing a bit unsure on stage, not knowing whether this is a Q&A or not and asked us what he is supposed to do. The girl next to me yelled: “Just stand there and look pretty!” while all our cameras clicked like crazy. This actually became a catch phrase over the weekend.

Rick then was just warming up an wanted to go into the first panel, but Becky said: “You have to go to the photo session!” – he replied: “No I haven’t!” This became a play between the two over the weekend, whenever she told him to leave the stage he tried to get some more time from her and was happy when he succeeded. Anyway, he left to his first photo session and the stage was entered by…

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