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Fedcon 2016: Karl Urban

Okay, let's start at the beginning. The first picture I took, with Karl Urban. Somehow I managed to not be aware of him until about a year ago, when I started to watch the new Star Trek movies. Didn't take long for me to succumb to his rough charm. I loved especially the sadly very short lived series "Almost Human". I haven't yet watched "Lord of the Rings", still thinking about whether it will be worth it. One day.

I seriously have no idea why so many are complaining about him. Not everyone is a stage hog.

I loved his panel, great questions, very charming answers, we laughed a lot. At the autograph table, I asked whether he could say something in German to me and got a "Bis später!" (till later).

I only regret that I totally forgot to mention my tweet he had liked a week ago. That may have been a conversation starter!

Poor guy apparently had jet-lag (flew in from New Zealand to Germany), hay fever and also apparently his suitcase got lost. I hope he gets it back. The first panel right after the opening ceremony was cancelled sadly.

A few bits and pieces of the panel we got: He knows a bit of German and used it with "Guten Abend" (Good evening) und "Wie geht's" (How are you). He told us that there had been only one unit for "Almost Human" instead of the usual two, that meant 17 hour days for six months and as sad as it is for the fans who wanted more of this wonderful series, he is glad he doesn't have to do it anymore.

A quote about "The Loft", where one day he filmed all the sex scenes with different women they brought to him: "I felt very cheap but enjoyed the day".

He told a funny story how JJ Abrams went to the set towards Leonard Nimoy but stopped in the middle of his way, turned and went back. Later Karl asked him: "Did you really just go and wanted to give Leonard Nimoy directions on how to play Spock?" LOL Apparenlty Leonard Nimoy also told him that he cried when he first saw his Bones on screen, as it reminded him of his lost friend.

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