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Fedcon 2016: William Shatner

Man, am I glad I started to watch Star Trek just in time for the big 50th anniversary celebrations! Imagine what I would have missed if I had come too late, as I usually do.

Look, it's a smiling William Shatner! I am seriously happy about this picture. I admit I had been worried a bit, seeing recent pictures of other events, where he often looked a bit sullen. With the young Kirk, I always had liked that slight smirk he has even in serious scenes. Also, since the guy is 84 already, he is not standing, but sitting and there is a "don't touch" rule. Lots of pictures have people standing next to him with their arms at the side like a tin soldier. I didn't want that either.

With pictures like this the line moves fast, so you also have to worry to stand in the right place and not have your eyes closed when the pic is taken. But as you can see, I managed that all. And then I totally screwed up at the autograph session.

While waiting in line, we were told "Don't engage him into a conversation, move fast" etc. But when approaching his table, we were surprised to find that he even did name dedications, which apparently he does not very often. So, here is how I screwed up: My friend who was before me, said her name and the handler next to him wrote it down, to show him how it's spelled. He repeated the name (and also said he liked her shirt which actually was mine that I had lent to her).

But I, always trying to be more perfect than others, couldn't do it like everyone else, now could I? No, always being the well prepared fan that I am, I had a sticky post-it note in my folder, with my name, which I usually stick to pictures. So I got it out, stuck it onto the edge of the picture (I am pretty certain about that, as I wanted to leave enough room for the signature) and gave it to the handler. What I didn't realize that somehow on its way from the handler to Bill the handler had taken it off and put it on again, but a lot higher than it had been. And so poor Bill barely had enough room above the note but under his face.

Ah well. It's special and unique I guess (I also have ordered a JPG of this picture to have it signature free)

When I walked away, he even said "Dankeschön" to me. I seriously don't get why everyone says he is difficult. He was totally relaxed and in a good mood, and the panels were hilarious. We wondered whether he had had a clown for breakfast. I didn't write anything down, and there were some stories we had heard before. The nicest moment was when a young man asked for his mother that he would say his catchphrase "Denny Crane" from "Boston Legal". He said that he never does this, as he does not want to be a monkey or parrot, but this was such a nice request, and he let the mother come forward, bent down and said it to her.

Video of William Shatner coming out for his second panel and commenting on my Holzmichel video that was on screen before:

 photo 02 William Shatner 600 x 404.jpg

 photo P1050340-1 500 x 418.jpg
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