Antje (dieastra) wrote,

Fedcon 2016: Vic Mignogna 1

Okay, let's begin with the real fun, and the reason why I bought my Fedcon ticket. Seriously. Now that we have Karl Urban and William Shatner out of the way ;)

When I came with 100 Euro to the desk to buy pictures, the lady said "But it's not William Shatner's turn yet" LOL

This is the first of many I did with Vic. Before it got snapped, I said to him "I want to give you a hug because I know the past months have not been good for you" (look up "lawsuit against fanfilm" if you want to know why - I'd hate that one person who is not playing by the rules could end things for all the others as well, and it must be a heavy burden to not know what happens next) and he hugged me back and quietly said "Thank you." The photographer patiently waited until we were done, the line was not very long.

 photo 03 Vic Mignogna 600 x 403.jpg

 photo P1050140-1 450 x 381.jpg

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