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Picspam Vic Mignogna - pants (part 1/5)

So I've promised alumfelga I'd do a picspam with this guy's sometimes really weird but still very interesting and different (never saw anything like that before) shirts. Turns out, I have to admit defeat ;) After googling, I will have to do five posts. They will be called "Black" (he seems to like that color), "Psychodelic" (I don't even know exactly what that word means but it is exactly what comes to mind), "Dapper" (yes, he can dress up if he likes to) and "Cosplay". Wait till you see him as Wolverine ;) And if you are very nice, there may be even a "No shirt" part LOL

Let's start today with the pants, which are equally unique and fascinating. Have fun! x_erikah_x

 photo 02-Vic mit Fan2What a thrill A most awesome Shzo cosplayer from Show By Rock in Kelowna .jpg

 photo 970318_616980458335474_628389021_n.jpg

 photo 1231471_10151744561513192_1073324690_n.jpg

 photo 12072553_1032012106831296_4645661999350406054_n.jpg

 photo 12072553_1032012106831296_4645661999350406054_nVic_Mignogna_at_Super-Con_2009_6.jpg

 photo alaiv016v.jpg

 photo Another amazing Qrow cosplayer here at Anime Fan Fest.jpg

 photo Captain Kirk riding a TARDIS motorcycle.jpg

That next one is the one he had at Fedcon:

 photo Ci7op80WEAAqDdo.jpg

 photo full3.jpg

 photo tumblr_ntr6jddifV1shuw7zo1_500.jpg

 photo tumblr_nw134cLP561tb08b5o4_500.jpg

 photo tumblr_o0k4c3CmV71slg7duo1_1280.jpg

 photo tumblr_o0komqNq5s1qc2g2fo1_500.jpg

 photo 13327584_10154164443998815_7144280612118969110_n.jpg

 photo 02-Vic mit Fan.jpg
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