Antje (dieastra) wrote,

Posaunentag videos

Two video clips for your enjoyment. They're both very short but worth watching!

The first is an impression from yesterday evening, German song "Der Mond ist aufgegangen" (The moon has risen). I was not standing with the group that was playing here, so we heard it from further away, and we were quietly singing along. Simply beautiful. But imagine, when my group was playing (sometimes the melody would also jump around between the different groups) I was standing right behind them, so close to the music. I've never been that close before. Often, when there is a marching band, you stand at the street, and they walk, and soon it's over.

The second clip is from today's Concluding Worship Service, in the stadium. The song is the theme song of the festival, called "Luft nach oben" (Room for improvement, a playing of the words with Luft/air here which you need for blowing). Must have sounded beautiful, amongst all those people in the stadium. I watched it in TV, they showed elderly people, young people, children even. A woman had her baby lying in the grass in front of her.

They all had come from all over Germany and apparently even other countries as well.

Tags: dresden, music

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