Antje (dieastra) wrote,

AFT: Jack and the Thinker part 2

arashinoookami asked for a continuation of my Jack and the Thinker story. Remember the last picture with him laying down in the grass? She wanted one where Jack joins him on the lawn. Since it is her birthday today, I want to grant her that wish.

Happy birthday arashinoookami! Hope you like your picture! What are you saying? This is not what you had meant? You wanted my figures to do WHAT?!?

Okay. For anyone who feels brave enough to see an NC-17 NSFW version of Jack and the Thinker on the lawn, click the LJ cut ;)

 photo 10 600 x 514.jpg

 photo 08 600 x 498.jpg

 photo 09 600 x 400.jpg
Tags: action figures - other, action figures - torchwood

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