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Hauls: Mega Bloks Guardian of Forever

This is the "Guardian of Forever" from the famous episode "City on the Edge of Forever". In which McCoy travels back to New York in the Nineteenthirties, and messes up time, and Kirk and Spock have to follow him to set time straight again. Unfortunately that means that Kirk has to let the woman he fell in love with (played by Joan Collins so who could really blame him?) die.

With this set we get Kirk in yellow (even though every real Star Trek fan knows of course that this was always avocado green) and McCoy and two unnamed redshirts. If I remember correctly, they don't die for a change in this episode.

More pictures behind the cut!

It's only a small set so the box was significantly smaller than the bridge set or transporter room set. It was also easier to open, as it only had tape, while the other was glued together:

 photo DSC03382.jpg

 photo DSC03384.jpg

You even have to put the tricorder together yourself LOL But they got lazy here. In the bridge set, the tricorder and communicator and phasers actually were painted. Guess I'll have to get out my golden and silver sharpie:

 photo DSC03389.jpg

The figures. I must admit I can't really recognize Bones here:

 photo DSC03392.jpg

It's an easy built set but still beautifully done:

 photo DSC03394.jpg

 photo DSC03405.jpg
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