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Hauls: Venus de Milo (Figma)

I got the Venus and it is mostly awesome! Maybe you remember my Thinker figure. He was very happy to get a companion. Not sure what will happen when David arrives - love triangle?

Many more pictures behind the cut. I love that even her hair has a joint and can move into all directions! And she can have arms.

The moving hair:

 photo 04-Hair.jpg

Then I tried to take her apart. Of course I could have read the instructions, but where's the fun in that? LOL First I found out that you can take off the base:

 photo 05-base.jpg

And the skirt comes apart at the side and can be taken off. There are two skirts. One is stiff, for the statue pose, and one is made from rubber with openings so her legs can look through.

 photo 06-skirts.jpg

Now let's give her arms! Yeah, that's better.

 photo 07-arms.jpg

She also comes with several hands for changing. The one with the pin is for holding the apple:

 photo 08-hands.jpg

There is also a stand but I usually don't use them.

 photo 09-Stand.jpg

From the package you can even make a marble pedestral:

 photo 10-Plate.jpg

Venus, meet the Weeping Angel - you have the same kind of skirt!

 photo DSC03985.jpg


 photo DSC04001.jpg

 photo 01-02-03.jpg
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