Antje (dieastra) wrote,

Hauls: Arrow desk set

This is the "Icon Heroes DC Green Arrow TV Pen and Paper Clip Holder Novelty" Some cool Arrow merchandise I think! You can put pens and paperclips into it. I love how detailed it is.
If anyone wants it, I got it here for a fair price. Ebay wanted the double amount. So don't just fall for the first seller!
I've put some more detailed pictures behind the cut.

 photo DSC04174.jpg

Here you put the pens:

 photo DSC04183.jpg

The lid of the trunk can be taken away, and in go the paperclips:

 photo DSC04191.jpg

I love how detailed it is:

 photo DSC04212.jpg

And some gratuitous naked Oliver Queen ;) Just for size comparison, of course.

 photo DSC04218.jpg
Tags: arrow, hauls

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