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Meme: Things I learnt in July

- There is a Star Trek TOS episode called "Requiem for Methuselah" and it is spelled Methuselah and not Methusaleh as I first had it because I thought it would be similar to the German word Methusalem. Can someone tell me why the difference?

- In the season 4 Doctor Who episode "The Unicorn and the Wasp" where they meet Agatha Christie and also explain about her lost days (which I hadn't known about until watching this episode so never say watching TV is not educational) they apparently had several of her book titles worked into the dialogue. Since I don't even know all of them in German, let alone in English, this had gone by me completely. Here's a list:

"Roberts and Davies held an unofficial contest to see how many references to Christie's works could be inserted. Titles that were noted were: The Murder of Roger Ackroyd; Why Didn't They Ask Evans; The Body in the Library; The Secret Adversary; N or M?; Nemesis; Cat Among the Pigeons; Dead Man's Folly; They Do It With Mirrors; Appointment with Death; Cards on the Table; Sparkling Cyanide; Endless Night; Crooked House; Death in the Clouds; The Moving Finger; Taken at the Flood; Death Comes as the End; Murder on the Orient Express and The Murder at the Vicarage. A deleted scene referred to The Man in the Brown Suit, referring to the Doctor's clothing. The narrative itself parallels several of Christie's novels: the jewel theft storyline parallels The Secret of Chimneys; Miss Chandrakala's death was influenced by And Then There Were None; and the Colonel's revelation that he was not disabled paralleled a key concept of The Pale Horse.[9] In an email conversation with journalist Benjamin Cook, Davies admitted he had initially added a reference to the original title of And Then There Were None, Ten Little Niggers, but decided it was too risky."

(And now I want to read all those Agatha Christie novels. They had a small library where I was at vacation and I already did "The Murder of Roger Ackroyd" last week. One down, only 19 to go ;) )

- in general, I read up on the Venus de Milo and David by Michelangelo, as I also did back then on The Thinker, after getting my action figures. Never say buying action figures is not educational!
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