Antje (dieastra) wrote,

Hauls: The science table is finished

Today I built the science room table. I did not glue it permanently, it snapped together nicely. So I can take it apart again if I ever want to.

See comparison pictures with several of my figures behind the cut!

@annejack As suspected it is too small for McCoy and Sam, although it works if you cheat and raise it a little. I need to find something else than an orange book for that though ;)

 photo SC04.jpg

 photo SC05.jpg

Sherlock and Owen fare better. They even get a different (smaller) scale of bricks behind them from me. That's how nice I am to them!

 photo SC06.jpg

But they can’t sit down properly on the chair either. This is the most I was able to get Owen’s legs up and Sherlock is even more constricted in his hip movement.

 photo SC07.jpg

But look at this detail!

 photo SC09.jpg

 photo SC08.jpg
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