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Sixth Scale Universe Facebook group monthly competition - masterlist

Masterlist for Sixth Scale Universe Facebook group monthly competition

This is a list for all the pictures I did specifically for the monthly competition in the Sixth Scale Universe Facebook group. Each month we get a certain theme and it is always nice to see in how many different ways it can be interpreted. After the competition ends, we all vote which is the best picture and the winner gets to be the header of the group for the next month.

Here are my entries:

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October 2016: Supernatural Scary Weeping Angel

August 2016: "Minimal/Simple" Kirk with phaser rifle

June 2016: "Playtime" A Game of Roulette

May 2016: "Futuristic" (WINNER) Futuristic lab setting

April 2016: "Homage" (WINNER) Singing in the Rain

March 2016: "Gotta Dance" Jack and Ianto are dancing

February 2016: "Free for all" David Tennant on set

January 2016: "Magazine cover or movie poster" (WINNER) Men's Health Magazine cover

December 2015: "Happy Holidays" The light chain

November 2015: "Feast" Happy Thanksgiving
After a re-blog by the official Doctor Who Tumblr, this one was also a huge success at Tumblr, leading to over 1000 notes & reblogs

October 2015: "Noir" Prayer

September 2015: "Books" (2ND PLACE) Books

August 2015: "TV or movie scene" Baywatch

June 2015: "Family" Camping

May 2015: "Sports" Snooker with President Obama

March 2015: "Music" All Star Band

February 2015: "Valentine's Day" Jack and Daniel enjoy the sunset on Valentine's Day (Slash)

January 2015: "New" Martha on the skateboard

December 2014: "Winter Holidays" (WINNER) Decorating the Christmas Tree

October 2014: "Halloween" Happy Halloween

September 2014: "Education" How to grow a TARDIS from a crystal

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