Antje (dieastra) wrote,

Introduction: Quantum Mechanix Spock

I took a few pictures of Spock so he does not feel left out! Sorry hamsterwoman, more creepy hands ;)

 photo S02.jpg

 photo S03.jpg

 photo S05.jpg

I love that you can open the tricorder on two different panels!

 photo S04.jpg

 photo S06.jpg

This close up of the Vulcan lyre was done to show the painted wood grain - apparently some don't have it and are just blank but if you write to QMX then you will get a new one.

 photo S07.jpg

This picture was taken for my friend to show her the two different face colors next to each other but I think it looks cute, like two buddies doing a photo in a photo booth:

 photo S09.jpg

 photo S01.jpg
Tags: hauls, star trek

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