Antje (dieastra) wrote,

AFT Star Trek: To the movies / Customizing: Popcorn

"Captain, it appears they made a movie about our adventures!"

Sorry, still not done taking pictures with these two ;)

I'm in a great FB group about dollhouse items made from every day things and get a lot inspiration there! Someone invented popcorn made out of packing peanuts. I just cut it into small pieces and "buttered" it with a pastel stick. I also put a round piece of cardboard into the cup so I did not have to fill the whole thing. The cup is a small one I got in our cafeteria once with sparkling wine when they had an anniversary. It has the logo of the owner, I tried to hide it a bit. Surely it would be easy to print and put any other brand onto it, but I had this idea kinda spontanous today.

 photo DSC07953 600 x 523.jpg

 photo DSC07964 600 x 559.jpg

 photo Twitter 600 x 528.jpg

 photo DSC08049 600 x 590.jpg
Tags: action figures - star trek, customizing

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