Antje (dieastra) wrote,

Customizing: The bicycle is no longer pink

I once got a pink bicycle with the intention to paint it. I had originally bought paint that I THOUGHT to be metallic but had overlooked the "clear" sign. Not sure what you are painting with that - maybe clear plastic consoles? Anyway, it was not covering the pink. But, never give up, never surrender - I just took an ordinary blue paint I still had and mixed it with silver. Which got me this wonderfully great metallic blue. I really like it!

I'm using Email / enamel paint that come in small containers and are for painting models of ships and airplanes. But I really have to ask in the shop about that clear paint. It puzzles me.

So, who will get the first ride on the new bike? Do bikes still exist in the 23rd century?

(Pictures of the Doctor assembling the bike from pieces here)

Tags: customizing

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