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Customizing: 1:6 scale Jack Harkness

I've posted some bits of this before, but never the whole process from start to finish. Especially for bloodsong13t who asked. Here is how I created Jack Harkness from a Max Steel figure. Thanks to a friend who found him and said the face looks similar. For years I had searched for a figure. We now will also get an official Jack by Big Chief Studios (picture here) but he is not even on pre-order yet so that will take a while. In the meantime, here is my version! More pictures under the cut.

This is what he originally looked like (minus the coats), he came in that black suit. Here I am trying two different coats. The grey one was nice but too tight for his muscles, so the Doctor got it in the end. He is thinner ;) The other one fit Jack better but was too greenish. It had looked grey on the ebay picture.

 photo P4220012.jpg

 photo P4220015.jpg

 photo P4230008.jpg

 photo P4230010.jpg

 photo P4230012-text.jpg

The grey coat came together with these pants and they are really nice! It is very hard finding good 1:6 pants, most look cheap or glittery for Ken dolls.

Here they are a little ill fitting yet, but once I put boxer shorts underneat it looked better.


 photo P4220019.jpg


 photo P4220018.jpg

Also it was the exact right length:

 photo P4220022.jpg

The shoes are also amazing, real leather and stitches. The braces are from a German WWI soldier I believe. The blue shirt is from a Twilight figure. I found all these pieces on ebay.

 photo P4220002.jpg

Here you can see that Max Steel already comes with a wrist band similar to Jack's. It is silver instead of brown leather but I did not repaint it. My figure also has an artificial arm. Also you can put a battery inside him and then he talks. I've never tried that. But it once created problems when I wanted to fly with him from Berlin. They said I had a battery inside and that it was not allowed on the plane. I offered to undress him and look (to be honest, I never looked inside, I didn't put one in but maybe there was on in when it arrived?) which would have been quite a hassle, to get that tight shirt over him again. But then they had a closer look and said it was okay.

 photo P4220025.jpg

 photo P4220026.jpg

And this is what he looks like "down below" in case you were wondering ;)

 photo P5030004.jpg

 photo P5030003.jpg

But how to sew the braces to the pants?

 photo P4300004-text.jpg

Since the Doctor didn't want to do it, I had to. I was sewing buttons onto this little guy's pants whily my own pants were lying without a button for weeks. Priorities! The buttons were given to me by the same friend who found Max. They are so tiny!

 photo P9060001.jpg

 photo P9060009.jpg

To finish off, he got a belt and a Webley with holster. Sadly this is the only picture I have of the webley and holster, as I lost them while creating these pictures

 photo P5110016600x450.jpg

 photo P5110019600x450.jpg

I got a new webley now but without holster. It can open up, I don't remember if the old did that. But the handle is all black, I should paint it brown.

 photo Webley.jpg

He even got Weevil spray!

 photo P5110024600x450.jpg

 photo P5110027450x600.jpg

Finished! I had to cut up the cuffs - they did not have a button, and did not fit over his thick fists. But Jack often wore them rolled up anyway.

 photo P9060014.jpg

 photo P9060016.jpg

 photo P9060012.jpg
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