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Picspam - birthday gifts 2016

As promised, here are my birthday gifts. But first a very special thank you to vjezkova for that awesome and cute birthday cart from Jacquie Lawson! I took the time to play it all. I know and love their advent calendars, they are always done with so much love. But this was the first birthday card I got. Thank you very much!

And now on to the gifts, as usual under the cut.

A new rucksack as the old one is falling apart:

 photo DSC09733 600 x 400.jpg

From my brother - a nice file folder:

 photo DSC09734 600 x 400.jpg

Houseshoes and socks - mothers always think practical ;)

 photo DSC09737.jpg

Sweets - I love Toffifee. It's a caramel hull, filled with nougat and a hazelnut. Yummy!

 photo DSC09740.jpg

After getting cows for so many years (see the Cows tag) I asked to get sheep now, and sheep I got!

 photo DSC09743.jpg

A little fox, and a flamingo that is of the "shake your wings with solar energy" kind:

 photo DSC09751 600 x 494.jpg

I was hunting for this 2 Euro coin all year long. Each year they do a different one with a picture from a German state and this year it was Saxony. You may recognize the Zwinger from my pictures of Kirk and Spock doing Sightseeing in Dresden

 photo DSC09774.jpg

And then my brother said he wants to play the matches game like he used to do as a child. You lay a lot of matches into a circle on the table, and in between little gifts and sweets. Then people throw a dice and count, and either you get a match or a gift. You take them so the circle gets smaller and smaller. I won these two, the cow is a pen sharpener actually:

 photo DSC09755.jpg

 photo DSC09731.jpg
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