Antje (dieastra) wrote,

AFT Star Trek: Infinite action figures

Infinite action figures - or Inception, as a friend called it on Tumblr!

We have to thank alumfelga for the idea to today's picture.
12" Quantum Mechanix Kirk & Spock playing with 7" Diamond Select figures playing with 2" MegaBloks figures playing with 1" Playmates Toys figures ;)


Best comments:

Paul Gibbs: I wanted to click 'love' 'laugh' and 'wow' all at once.

Petra Kienle: Kirkception! Spockception!

Sean O'Donnell: One of the best pictures ever! You could talk about parallel universes, time lines, different versions of Earth ect..

Ronald Kinsey Jr.: Universes is made of fractals. Everything breaks down into smaller and smaller or, bigger and bigger, fractally in some way.

Valerie Parv: All that picture needs is the life size Kirk and Spock playing with the QM figures.

Gregg Eshelman: If only Leonard Nimoy were still alive and you could have gotten him and Shatner to pose with them.

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Tags: action figures - star trek

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