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Introduction: new Arrow and Flash figures

I want to introduce the rest of the wave 4 Arrow figures. Malcolm Merlyn already got a post of his own here and here is now the rest. Arrow season 3, Laurel as Black Canary and Reverse Flash. Next wave will have Arrow in season 4 costume (they keep giving him a new costume every season and we keep buying new figures ;) ) and Flash from season 2 with the white symbol on his chest.

I am afraid that I won't buy anything from the announced wave after that. Have a look here if you are interested:
Not one "normal" person. No Dr. Wells, no Cisco, no Caitlin, I wouldn't say no to Joe or Iris either. But instead we get all those superheroes in their costumes, from all the CW shows: Firestorm, Hawkgirl, The Atom, Supergirl, Martian Manhunter, Vixen, Constantine. I guess I ought to get Zoom at least, but I really am not much into villains. I usually don't do fight pictures and I can't use any weird aliens for the funny comics I do. Ah well. Maybe next time.

On now with the introduction of those I did buy. See all pictures and details behind the cut!

Arrow season 3:

 photo DSC00921.jpg

Comparison with the costume from season 1 and 2. He looks slimmer somehow. He also lost the extra quiver with arrows on his hip, as well as the ones on his left arm:

 photo DSC00935.jpg

 photo DSC00937.jpg

Same bow as before, but some hands are new. The one with the two fingers for holding the arrow is definitely new, and probably the other holding the bow as well. Neat!
No bundle of arrows this time, but we do get trick arrows instead. I'm afraid I have no idea what these are doing. Can you please help me out bloodsong13t? I know this is your expertise ;)
The arrows are shorter than they were before, and the single arrow now has a silver tip. It was green before.

 photo DSC00925.jpg

Here's a picture of all the four Arrows I have so far. The first two are pretty alike, only one has only make-up around the eyes while the other has a proper mask:

 photo DSC00944.jpg

And while I'm at it, here are all my Malcolm Merlyns. The last two are not official, that is actually Wesley from Buffy/Angel. But he looks a bit like John Barrowman and I doubt we will ever get Malcolm in a suit, so he stands in for him:

 photo DSC00959.jpg

Laurel as Black Canary:

 photo DSC00978-1.jpg

She comes with her baton as well as some hands. At least I won't be confused whose hands are whose, when throwing them all together in a box!

 photo DSC00993.jpg

With her sister Sara who was the first Black Canary. I find it odd that Sara is bigger than Laurel. If anything, it's supposed to be the other way:

 photo DSC01003.jpg

Sisters, sisters... ♪♪♪

 photo DSC01012.jpg

And Reverse Flash. As long as we won't get Dr. Wells, he'll have to do:

 photo DSC01022-1.jpg

With his arch enemy, the Flash:

 photo DSC01033.jpg

 photo DSC01040.jpg

He has the most hands of them all! For some odd reason, Malcolm Merlyn is the only one not getting any extra hands. Even Diggle and Felicity got some. Weird.

 photo DSC01059.jpg

Again I need your help please, bloodsong13t I've totally forgotten the name of the thing and what it does. I am supposed to put it on Barry, like this, yes? To suck out his energy or something? Or was this the thing that actually made him faster?

 photo DSC01045.jpg

 photo DSC01064.jpg
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