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part 2 of Pictures of St. Fagans, lovely open air museum

previously: part 1 of Pictures of St. Fagans, Dr. Who filming location

For some reason we did not find the way to the Timber Circle, went to the white St. Teilo’s Church instead, which was a very interesting kind of church.

I also liked the wall around it. For the people that were not able to read all the Biblic stories were painted at the walls. This church might have appeared like this about 1530. Some of the pictures in this entry are mine, others are by my brother and my friend Giotto.

Oh, I forgot, before that we also headed to the right for a little detour, there was a Tannery with lots of water basins. We didn’t have a dictionary with us, so it took a while to figure out what “tannery” means, but there were signs telling about to remove the hair from the hides and where to stash them.

Next to it was also a little Pottery, where you can do some pottering on your own, but it was closed today. At the entry we got a sheet which craftsmen are in on the day, it varies. I did buy myself a potted sheep which always will remind me of this day from now on. It has a little sign “Born in Wales” LOL

And you never guess what the name of the potter was – Gareth Lloyd! Doesn’t this sound familiar? (Gareth David-Lloyd is the name of the actor who plays Ianto Jones in “Torchwood”).

The Sawmill on the opposite site wasn’t there at all, it got reconstructed at the moment.

So, after the church we reached this big building. The map says it is the Oakdale Workmen’s Institute. Much more interesting for me was that it had some toilets inside.

Upstairs was a big room with a stage and a curtain, and some tables stood around.

We took another break at the bench in front of this building, and Giotto said that it looks kinda familiar. So I got out my location map and indeed, this is the dance hall where John Smith and Joan were dancing in the episode "Human Nature/The Family of Blood"! Of course now we had to photograph it in all detail ;)

I am going to do another break here - next part will have those lovely shops where John Smith prevented that piano from falling on that ladie's head, and much more!

Next part: Part 3 of Pictures of St. Fagans, Dr. Who filming location

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