Antje (dieastra) wrote,

Art: Free porcelain figures

For hamsterwoman! Many years ago, back in East Germany when I was a child we were at vacation, and there was a manufactory for porcelain / china stuff. They had used all the broken ones to mend a walkway in the woods.

So we were hiking through the wood, and instead of small stones they had put all those porcelain bits onto the way. Most were just ordinary shards, but some were pieces of figures. I still have two that I collected there: the upper part of a Madonna, and a child butt on a chamber pot. Another guy that was with us found the back half of a cow but didn’t keep it.

I wish I had collected more. With the Madonna you can even see red paint for the mouth and yellow paint for the hair of the child. Not sure what the hole in the back of the naked bottom is for ;)

 photo Twitter 600 x 598.jpg
Tags: art

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