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Locations: Grand Budapest Hotel part 1

I finally managed to watch the movie "Grand Budapest Hotel". In Summer my family and I were on vacation in Görlitz, better known as Görliwood, as Hollywood likes to film there. Other movies filmed recently there are "The Reader", "Ingloreous Basterds", "The Book Thief", "Monuments Men" and many many others.

I haven't seen too many Wes Anderson movies and wasn't sure what to expect, but I rather liked it! And I had my eyes glued to the screen to see if I recognize something. From re-reading the film review of our local newspaper it turns out I missed a lot, but here is one thing I instantly recognized!

Please forgive the bad screenshot, it was done with photocamera from the TV. In my original picture, you can see the stairs, the angel statue and even part of the lantern. The pink entrance obviously was only put there for the movie. This is closely to the bridge that goes over to the Polish part of the city, Zgorzelec.

So here is locations part 1, more to follow!

 photo DSC03114 600 x 400.jpg

 photo DSC04559 400 x 600.jpg
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