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Introductions: The Baker Street Door has arrived!

For alumfelga, fueschgast and jackwabbit and everyone that is a Sherlock fan - today I got the Baker Street door and it's awesome! So many great details. Check them out under the cut!

Remember how I carried the TARDIS home in my huge suitcase? This time I was even able to close it! The box had the same length but was a little bit thinner.

 photo BS01.jpg

Still it was a tight fit from top to bottom!

 photo BS02.jpg

Nice box:

 photo BS03.jpg


 photo BS04.jpg

Once I got off one half of the styrofoam it looked like this:

 photo BS05.jpg

It comes with a Sherlock head variant with deerstalker. Since it is so complicated to switch out heads I intent to sell this and get some money back. Even though the new head is painted much more nicely and realistically. But Sherlock only wore it once, very shortly, I don't really consider it "his". Plus I think the Victorian version will come with one that can be taken off (this one is sculpted) and so I could put this onto him if I like to?

 photo BS06.jpg


 photo BS07.jpg

If I hadn't known that this is supposed to look like that I would have been worried of it being broken ;)

 photo BS08.jpg

And this is where it belongs:

 photo BS09.jpg

It snaps into the wall nicely via magnets:

 photo BS10.jpg

And voilá!

 photo BS11.jpg

Worn out stairs:

 photo BS12.jpg

And the letter box even opens! I hadn't expected that. The door does not open, they didn't want to put interiour behind it.

 photo BS13.jpg

 photo BS14.jpg

Ring the bell!

 photo BS15.jpg

Knock knock!

 photo BS16.jpg

Looks like Mycroft was here?

 photo BS16a.jpg

 photo BS16b.jpg

And who stole the plate?

 photo BS17.jpg

Also it lightens up!

 photo BS18.jpg

 photo BS18b.jpg

My window has a scratch though. Not sure yet what to do about it. I hope it won't be visible in pictures:

 photo BS18-1.jpg

Someone was eager to check out his new home!

 photo BS19.jpg

Turn around, Sherlock!

 photo BS20.jpg
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