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Introduction: The Ninth Doctor is in da house

That was a long wait, he was supposed to arrive in Summer already but they pushed him back for a better paint job and it was totally worth the wait. He's awesome! I can't wait to start playing properly, with better lighting.

See many detailed pictures under the cut!

The box:

 photo DSC03971.jpg

A new background! So far we had the TARDIS console, and now the door from the inside. I love it!

 photo DSC03972.jpg

 photo DSC03976.jpg

Some complain he does not look like Christopher Eccleston at all, but I think when you find the right angle he looks spot on!

 photo DSC03980.jpg

The jacket is a bit too large. I'll have to see if I can do something about that. Some use a paperclip to tighten it at the back. Like the Tenth Doctor's coat it has a wire at the seam so you can pose it:

 photo DSC03982.jpg

Some accessories - I need to do a rewatch of the first season to recognize them all:

 photo DSC03992.jpg

I also got a Tenth Doctor's smiling head, to be used together with the pyjamas that came with the TARDIS. Again some say it looks creepy but I think they managed to do the typical David Tennant grin very well! He really often looks weird / dorky when smiling but this is why we love him, right?

 photo DSC03998.jpg

Disembodied hands again ;) I hear it is a bit more difficult to change them than before, I haven't tried yet. The rubber feels harder, more stiff.

 photo DSC04004.jpg

More accessories - sadly one of the tentacles of the Slitheen egg is broken. Not sure if it can be glued or if I should ask for a new one.

 photo DSC04006.jpg

I also get the black and green sweater if I want to change him:

 photo DSC04012.jpg

And now some pictures! The guy on the left was a walkie-talkie that I used as a stand in. He didn't move much.

 photo DSC04033.jpg

Getting kinda crowded in my shelf!

 photo DSC04039.jpg

Did I mention I love the backdrop? I think I did. Just checking.

 photo DSC04013_1.jpg

 photo DSC04027.jpg
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