Antje (dieastra) wrote,

Comparisons: John and Vic having fun

In the past few days Vic Mignogna tweeted two things that both reminded me of John Barrowman. I can't help it, I feel as if they are doing this just for me ;)

First they had fun with a shark:

 photo shark 600 x 600.jpg

And just today a live action "Futurama" fanfilm came out. You can watch it here if you like:

If you just want to see Vic's part, he comes at minute 15:55 and I love it. Hilarious. Beware of joysticks and pixelation ;)

 photo Brannigan 600 x 363.jpg

I may soon need to do a masterlist for all the comparison pictures. In the meantime, follow the tag.
Tags: comparisons, john barrowman, vic mignogna

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