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03 January 2007 @ 02:45 pm
Stargate action figure theatre - masterlist  
Masterlist for Stargate action figure theatre

Important notice: Not all of the LJ picture links in the fandom lists might be working at the moment, due to Photobucket replacing them with their stock image. I am re-uploading one by one, but if you encounter a broken link, just use the Facebook, Tumblr or Twitter that is also linked. Thanks for your understanding!

Or you can install this programm, it will let you see all those broken pictures: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/photobucket-fix/

Jack/MacGyver in Vancouver Facebook Tumblr Twitter
eating ice-cream at the steam clock

- Jack hiking in Saxon Switzerland Facebook

Jack and Daniel in the pool Facebook Tumblr Twitter

Barbecue Facebook Tumblr Twitter

Convention pictures in front of the Enterprise (with Star Trek friends) Facebook Tumblr

Scotty shops for new weapons Facebook Tumblr Twitter
Crossover with Star Trek

Richard Dean Anderson and the Halo Master Chief Facebook Tumblr Twitter

SG-1 exploring the world in a miniature park Facebook1 Facebook2 Facebook3 Tumblr


Valentine's Day - Sam and Jack Barbecue at the beach Facebook Tumblr Twitter

Men's Health Magazine cover Facebook Tumblr Twitter
1st place in January 2016 contest: "Magazine Cover or Movie Poster"

Crossover: Indiana Jones - Crystal Skull
Facebook Tumblr Twitter

Big anniversary picnic 2/2 Facebook Tumblr2 Twitter AO3
The aftermath of the party

Big anniversary picnic 1/2 Facebook Tumblr1 Twitter AO3
Star Trek and Stargate figures have a barbecue together

Where's my book? Facebook Tumblr Twitter
And suddenly, Kirk's book shelf was empty. With Stargate guest stars.

Jack and Sam in Saxon Switzerland Tumblr

Family & Baywatch Tumblr
Entry for the June 2015 competition in Sixth Scale Universe: "Family"
Entry for the July 2015 competition in Sixth Scale Universe: "TV / Movie"

Where has all the water gone? Facebook Tumblr Twitter

Jack and Daniel deal with the heatwave FB1 FB2 FB3 FB4 Tumblr TW1 TW2 AO3

Jurassic World - Stargate Style Facebook Tumblr AO3
The famous #prattkeeping scene

Jack and Daniel at a bench Facebook Tumblr

Jack and Daniel enjoying the sunset at Valentine's Day (Slash) Facebook Tumblr
Entry for the February 2015 competition in Sixth Scale Universe: "Valentine's Day"

Air Force Dress uniform for Jack O'Neill Tumblr1 Tumblr2

Daniel's new clothes Facebook Tumblr Twitter

Jack's new clothes Facebook Tumblr Twitter

Soccer Space Cup part 1 Facebook Tumblr1 Tumblr2 Tumblr3 Tumblr4 Twitter

Soccer Space Cup part 2 Tumblr5 Tumblr6

Soccer Space Cup part 3 Tumblr7 Tumblr8 Tumblr9

Records, music cassettes and diskman Facebook Tumblr Twitter

Jack likes music and fast food Facebook Tumblr

SG-1 celebrates the 5th anniversary of the movie "Continuum" Facebook

SG-1 is unwrapping Christmas gifts
Look what nice gifts they got from Santa Claus!

SG-1 on vacation part 2/2
SG-1 has to set up camp

SG-1 on vacation part 1/2 Facebook Tumblr Twitter
SG-1 is on vacation and the car has a flat tire

Action figures in Vancouver
The SG-1 team travels to Vancouver and visits original shooting locations!

Jack and Daniel at vacation at the see part 2/2 Facebook Tumblr Twitter AO3
Jack and Daniel enjoy vacation at the Baltic Sea - now they rent a beach chair...

Jack and Daniel at vacation at the sea part 1/2 Facebook Tumblr Twitter AO3
Jack and Daniel enjoy vacation at the Baltic Sea - surfing, playing soccer, building sand castles...

Jack in the fitness center Facebook Tumblr Twitter
Jack is doing some workout

Jack in blue dress uniform
I customized a Jack in his blue Air Force uniform

Jack and Sam - Valentine's Day Facebook
Jack and Sam celebrate Valentine's Day on a planet far, far away

All Stars New Year's eve concert
Crossover Stargate/Atlantis - friend and foe make music together!

Just an ordinary Day part 2
Will the team make it home?

Just an ordinary Day part 1
The SG-1 team gets caught - as usual

Jack and Daniel have a quiet evening

Episode: A Hundred Days
Jack is chopping wood and using the whetstone

Episode: Bane
Teal'c is bitten by a big bug

Last day of shooting - Dancing at the gate
The actors have wrapped the last shooting day and start a little dance

Jack at the beach
Jack went diving and met an octopus

Episode: The Broca Divide
The famous scene with Sam and Jack in the locker room

General O'Neill briefs President Obama on the Stargate programme
What the title says - President Obama is in for some surprises!

Episode: Brief Candle
Some scenes from the episode - half naked Jack, and wet Jack!

Episode: Urgo Facebook
The scene with the SG-1 team at the table full of Jell-o and cake

Jack went diving
Jack went diving and met someone from "Baywatch"

Jack and Daniel try out their new camping gear

Episode: Double Jeopardy
The scene where Daniel lost his head - literally!


SG-1 is baking pizza
SG-1 is making a mess in the kitchen

Episode: Window of Opportunity Facebook Tumblr Twitter
Some famous scenes from the episode - juggling, golfing, WACKO-face, Froot Loops...

Just a little fun in the snow
Building a snowman, snow ball fight, sledding, snow angels - you get the idea!

Christmas at the SGC - with Atlantis guests
Stargate and Atlantis crew members celebrate a huge Christmas in the Gate room

SG-1 is decorating the Christmas tree in Jack's house
Although the tree looks a bit big for me...

TBT: Egypt Facebook Tumblr Twitter

Stargate figure collection Tumblr

coming soon:

- invisible Jack on the toilet

- Moritzburg

- Jack & Daniel at the beach

- Christmas tree

- Jack and snakes

- Excavation

- Housebuilding