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Introducing: Gotham wave 1

So I stumbled about the action figures of "Gotham" that come with some awesome backgrounds and I figured I should at least have a look into the series before I buy them (not that buying figures just for the accessories has stopped me before *cough* "Primeval" *cough*). I started somewhere in the middle of season 2 on German TV and now have gone back to the beginning to do it properly. I read that season 2 is better than season 1 so sometimes it's better to come in later. I rather like it. Yes, it is sometimes camp and over the top, but I like the actors and characters and the sarcasm in the dialogues. I always love a bit of humor in my TV series. Grumpy Harvey Bullock was an instant like and I love how the relationship between the the old and new cop develops over time. The way of storytelling is similar to "Arrow", but there are no warehouse fights and no magic. Kinda refreshing to see good old quick shooting instead of drawn out hand-to-hand-combat. It's the more realistic superhero series that I always wanted "Arrow" to be.

(Also, Alfred Pennyworth is played by Sean Pertwee, the son of Jon Pertwee who was the third Doctor. I'm so glad I started to watch in English as in the German dubbing I would have missed this lovely British accent)

I want to introduce you to the figures of wave 1, which are Det. James "Jim" Gordon, Selina "Cat" Kyle and Oswald Cobblepot aka the Penguin. Click the cut to see more explanations and pictures!

So, Jim Gordon who one day becomes Commissioner if you know your "Batman". I think they did the face very well. Here is a picture of the original, played by Ben McKenzie


The picture above shows the double jointed knees which seem to be standard these days and make them very flexible. If I think back at my first "Stargate" figures that did have no knees at all... (although it fit Jack's character who always complained about a stiff knee LOL)

Gordon has many joints, the hips, elbows and shoulders turn into all directions but he suffers the fate of most figures in that he cannot hold his weapon firmly with both hands:


But the best part are the feet which also turn around everywhere. My other figures would topple over if I tried this wide stance but he has still his soles flat to the ground:


Even his tie is sculpted seperatedly:


And the jacket is not in the way of him sitting properly which is always a plus:


He comes with this awesome environment:



Next Selina Kyle, who will become Catwoman one day. Played by Camren Bicondova
I think she's rather cute! I originally did not want to watch this series as I was afraid it would be similar to "Smallville" - too many teenagers and high school drama. But both her and Bruce are actually really good and the rest are mostly adult characters.


She comes with a bottle of milk but this is not why I got her - this is:


Put together with Gordon's half you get this. All pieces can be seperated for easy storage:


Finally, the Penguin, played by Robin Lord Taylor
From Batman movies you may know him as an old small thick guy, but I really like this version of him. Very interesting portrait. He reminds me a bit of the Simm!Master and Sherlock's Moriarty, so if you are into that kind of weird bad guys, you should check him out. Originally I did not want to get him, as I was not interested in the dock he comes with, but the actor's interpretation of the character has won me over:


He comes with some extra hands to hold the accessories, the umbrella and the apple. I just watched the pilot a couple of days ago and can see where all the other things - Gordon's trash cans and Selina's milk bottle and also the pier - are coming from, but I can't remember the significance of the apple right now. Guess I'll have to watch again.


This is the pier from the finale of the pilot:


And this is the whole wave 1. The fourth wave just got announced so you can bet there will be more and I already have all kind of ideas how to use the backgrounds for my other figures.


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