Antje (dieastra) wrote,

AFT Star Trek: Tribbles

A lovely person from the Netherlands has sent me these Tribbles! They come in various sizes and work both with the big as well as with the small figures. They're really fuzzy!
For those not in the know - the TOS episode with the Tribbles is one of the most famous and funniest. The Tribbles first were cute but then multiplied and where EVERYWHERE. It's also the episode where Kirk makes the best faces. Here he is being showered with Tribbles:

 photo Tribbles 3 600 x 557.jpg

 photo Tribbles 1 600 x 554.jpg

This last picture happened after I already had stored all my Tribbles and figures away. And then I found the console and thought it might make a funny background, especially with an exasperated Scotty:

 photo Tribbles 2 549 x 600.jpg
Tags: action figures - star trek

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