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Customizing Alfred from "Gotham" part 1

I guess I'll have to buy a new Alfred, as I cut up this one - oops ;) He comes in a full suit but I want to make him in just his vest and rolled up sleeves, which he is often wearing in "Gotham". This is what he looked like before: Alfred Pennyworth

Taking off the jacket was easy, as it is made extra from gum.

 photo DSC06402.jpg

Then I cut down the shirt and jacket sleeves, which will become the naked arms. You have to be careful because the peg in the wrist needs still to work. But this is not the first time, remember David Tennant as Hamlet and in his Much Ado About Nothing uniform?

 photo DSC06426.jpg

With Milliput I added the rolled up sleeves and also the strap and buckle of the vest at the back, which leaves some creases. And I filled some of the wrinkles of the forearms. Tomorrow I'm going to paint him.

 photo DSC06509.jpg

 photo DSC06444_renamed_9228.jpg
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