Antje (dieastra) wrote,

AFT Star Trek: New backgrounds

(Oh, if you knew what else I was doing these past days. But I need to wait a little longer before I can show it off)

My crafty shop got new backgrounds in! The first two, the star field and the sky with clouds, are two different sides to one cardboard. Although I think it confused Kirk and Spock immensely when I switched it for the picture.

- "It appears there is no atmosphere yet we can breathe!"

 photo DSC07003.jpg

- "What did you do now?"
- "I didn't do anything, captain."

 photo DSC07046.jpg

The third background is a worn out floor so I was thinking of something that can be photographed from above to show it off. No idea where THAT came from.

 photo DSC07092.jpg

Mop Fautneddy: HMMmmm.... that first one looks suspiciously like the Double Cluster in Perseus (NGC 869 and NGC 884),

Daniel P. Lister: 1st one:
"Well, Spock...Looks like we're lost in space"
"That would be illogical, Captain...they're The Competition"

publiusr: Captain, we were told not to return to Argo--this is for your own good.

Tags: action figures - star trek, hauls

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