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Customizing: changing The Doctor into David Tennant as Hamlet

My weekend was busy, and I want to show why! (also why I have this deep cut in my thumb ;) )

The fabulous jbsnow has changed Captain Jack Harkness figures into John Barrowman in kilt or Robin Hood costume and so I got the idea to try my hands on a David Tennant in Hamlet T-shirt. Can't be so difficult, right? Here is what I did so far:

I started with this (the other guy will become Hamlet in the black suit)

First I took off the jacket

Then I cut off the shirt collar. I needed a saw for that. Was careful not to saw right through the neck! I also cut off the tie and the bits on his shoulders, where the jacket sleeve stood over.

Since the figure had long sleeves before but I want to make a T-shirt, I also needed to cut the cuffs of the long sleeves, to make them as small as the wrist. To get that right, I used a little help from my friend - Jack O'Neill:

But soon I realized that David's arms are not as muscular, and I went with my own imagination. At one time the knife slipped and I cut off almost his whole thumb, and managed to slice my own thumb as well in the process.

Ah well, nothing a bit of Milliput can't fix!
One sleeve done, one yet to go:

Both sleeves finally done - David is doing a split because he is so happy.

Then I tried out Milliput for the first time in my life. That is an Epoxy putty which you can knead and form and stick on figures and it will harden after an hour or so. I used it to add T-shirt sleeves, and a new thumb.

Now I only need to find out how to make barefeet feet out of the shoes... Work for another time.

I also already collected a few pieces which we will use (when I saw the crown I got the idea in the first place):

And for those that don't know David Tennant as Hamlet (I only can recommend watching the DVD, it's awesome!) - this is what I want to achieve:

On to the next part - Feet for my Hamlet
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