Antje (dieastra) wrote,

Customizing: Gotham lion statue

It's destiny, I tell ya! Many decades ago, my mother had gotten this lion statue. No idea where, I need to ask. And some less decades ago I asked if I could have it, for no particular reason. I never did do anything with it, other than marvel at it. And what do I see right now while watching "Gotham" episode 3x02? Do you see it, there in front of the fireplace? Isn't that karma? The original seems to be white (marble?) while mine is golden but close enough!

I'm not even sure if I can file that under "customizing" as I didn't do anything. The funny thing is that a few days ago I was going through my boxes, and thinking "this would make a good accessory for Wayne Manor".

Now I need to also find an elephant statue in the show, as that is the other thing I have from that set... LOL

 photo Loumlwe Kamin 600 x 600.jpg

 photo Loumlwe-Screenshot 600 x 337.jpg
Tags: customizing, gotham

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