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Customizing: Jim Gordon in wifebeater shirt and with naked chest

I've never watched "Buffy" or "Angel" (aside of that famous musical episode) but I have bought quite a few of their figures over the years, as fodder for customs, or as stand-ins.

- Wesley became Jack O'Neill in blue Air Force uniform

- Willow became Carole Barrowman

- Hawaiian Spike and Angel became Jack and Daniel from "Stargate"

- Wesley and Tara were used as stand-ins for Malcolm Merlyn and Moira Queen
(I actually have three Wesley-Malcolms - in suit, in tux and in leather jacket with stubble)

Today I used Angel from "The Ring" to make a Jim Gordon in wifebeater shirt, which he quite often sports in the "Gotham" TV series. Easiest custom ever, just a simple headswap.

The size is not exactly the same so Jim will shrink a little:


You can also see the difference in their hands:


To swap heads or hands, heat some water and put the figure into it for a minute or two. The paint will not suffer but the joints will become more flexible and it is easier to pull the head off. I learnt that ten years ago in the Stargate fandom.


At least with both these figures the thing inside the head is the same. Getting a Stargate head onto an Angel body was more difficult, as they did not match:


And voilá - I think the result is stunning! You don't even see in the picture (what you see in real life) that Jim's face is a little darker and of course Angel being a vampire his skin is very light. But then again it is usual to have a sunburnt face while the rest is not as dark, right? I probably could repaint the skin but I think I'll leave it like that.


In the same way I also can make Jim shirtless, give him a bullet wound and a tattoo even ;) I've had this "Graduation Day" Angel for a while already.


And this is a little teaser picture of what I actually had planned to do this weekend. But I ordered something yesterday and so have to wait for it to arrive while my fingers itch to go on with the scene I have started building on my kitchen table. Stay tuned, I promise it will be awesome ;)


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